"Mediated Audits"  

RAND Journal of Economics 2017, Vol 48(1), pp. 44-68

"Imprecise Information Disclosure and Truthful Certification", with Lilo Wagner

European Economic Review 2016, Vol 89, pp. 345-360.




 Working Paper:


"Sweet Lemons: Mitigating Collusion in Organizations", with Colin von Negenborn


"Unobservable Investment, limited commitment and the curse of firm relocation" with Robert C. Schmidt

(former title: "Incentive contracts to avert firm relocation")


"The Maximum Punishment Principle and Precision of Audits under Limited Commitment"



Work in Progress:


"Dynamic Moral Hazard with Short-term Contracts"

"Information Design in Dynamic Tournaments"

"Sequential Procurement without Commitment" (with Vitali Gretschko and Nicolas Fugger)